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Post-Operative Care

Our surgeons have done a great job, now it's your turn to do a great job!Post-operative care is critical to the success of your pet's surgery and to avoid complications like infection.Using a bodysuit or a cone will stop your pet from licking their incision.  Licking is the most common cause of infection!

Find below a copy of your post-op instructions:

Your pet had surgery today. These are your post-op instructions:


  • FOOD AND WATER- once you get home, offer your pet a normal amount of water. Offer a small amount of food only. Your pet may not want to eat tonight and that is ok. They should start eating again tomorrow. We do offer your pet food after surgery. 

  • ACTIVITY- activity needs to be restricted until the incision is healed. 

    • For dogs- leash walk outside for toileting, no chasing balls or toys, no playing with other dogs, no jumping (beds or furniture). It is best to leave them inside until the incision is healed. 

    • For cats- try to leave in a more confined space and limit jumping. They should be left inside until the incision is healed, 14 days. 


PAIN MEDICATION- your pet has been sent home with pain medication. Your pet may be groggy or sleepy tonight, which is normal. Your pet may be uncomfortable and not as active for the first few days post-op. The night after surgery it is best to leave your pet in a quiet confined area and let them rest. Your pet should return to normal activity in 14 days. If your pet is crying or cannot get comfortable, please contact us. 


  • The most common side effects of medication are vomiting and diarrhea. Make sure your pet is eating and drinking when you give them the pain medication. 

  • Do not give any over the counter medication such as Tylenol, Advil or aspirin. These medications can be toxic and deadly to your pet. 

  • Dogs are given 5 days of meloxicam (the liquid in the syringe) and needs to be given once daily with food. 

  • Dogs are also given 5 days of trazodone (pills) to be given twice daily. 

  • Cats are given 2-3 days of meloxicam (the liquid in the syringe) and needs to be given once daily with food. 


  • INCISION CARE- check the incision daily. 

    • If the incision is very reddened, appears to be opening, or you are seeing discharge, contact us right away. Your pet must not lick or chew the incision, we recommend a cone or bodysuit at all times to prevent licking or chewing. There are stitches underneath the skin, but you will not see any stitches on the outside. 

    • The incision should be healed 7-10 days following surgery. No baths, swimming or grooming until the incision is healed. 


  • Please note all female cats and all dogs are tattooed at this facility. You will see a green line near the incision.


If you have any concerns during office hours, please call us at 613-392-7729 (leave a message if no one answers) or email Should you encounter any issues outside of our normal hours, please visit your closest emergency clinic or your regular Veterinarian. 

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