Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to live in Canada or Ontario to access your services?
  •  No, you can live anywhere you want!  We are open to everyone.

2. Do I have to produce financials?
  • No, we are a self-funded clinic and are open to everyone, regardless of income.  We are partnered with Scratchpay, which allows for fast and easy payment plans which will have no affect on your credit rating.

3. Am I limited to the number of appointments I can book?
  • No, if you've got multiple animals we'll spay or neuter them all!   We have a maximum number of surgeries per day, but can usually accommodate multiple pets from the same household on the same day with advanced booking.

4. Where are you located?
  • We are located at 764 Old Highway 2, Trenton, ON.  Google map us!

5. What happens if my animal is actually a different gender than I thought?
  • No problem!  Sometimes owners or rescues don't actually know if their animal is a male or a female.  If you book a neuter surgery for a  male animal but you actually have a female animal (which requires a spay) we will contact you and we will do the correct surgery for your animal!  If there is a difference in price we will bill you for the extra cost or refund you for the difference.  No sex change operations here!

6. I can't afford the surgery, can I make payments?
  • No, you can't make payments to the clinic directly, but we have partnered with Scratchpay, a quick and easy payment system that will not affect your credit rating.  You can get approved through Scratchpay while you are booking your appointment.  It's that easy!

7. Why do I have to pre-pay?
  • Unlike most spay and neuter clinics, our clinic is completely self-funded.  This means we do not receive any government money or subsidies.  Because we have to order and pay for our surgical supplies and medications ahead of time, we ask for pre-payment for surgery.  This allows us to run a top-notch surgical practice that is safe for your pet.

8. How do I pre-pay?
  • We will collect payment from you at the time of booking.  Our preferred payment is through e-transfer or Scratchpay.  If you have pre-paid an appointment and have to cancel (with 24 hours notice), you can re-book for another time without penalty.  If you "no-show" or cancel your appointment a second time, you will forfeit your payment and it will be donated to a rescue.  No-showing or cancelling at the last minute does not change our expenses (staffing and supplies), so we will spay or neuter a rescue animal in your place.

9.  Why can't I pay with a credit card?
  • Credit and debit card companies charge the vendor a significant percentage of every sale.  Not accepting credit or debit cards helps us pass this savings onto our clients.  In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we have chosen to accept e-transfer and Scratchpay only.

10. Why are your prices cheaper than my regular vet's prices?
  • Your regular veterinarian has a much bigger overhead than we do.  When you only do one thing (spay and neuter) you don't need to have as much space, staff or equipment.  We only do surgery on young, healthy animals, so we are not dealing with sick pets who need a lot of extra care.  Any animal that is older or has medical complications will need to be spayed or neutered at their regular veterinary clinic.  This allows us to keep the prices lower, and we pass that on to the client.  

  • The Difference Between Spay/Neuter Clinics and Full Service Clinics

11. Do I need to order a cone or a bodysuit?
  • Your pet will need some type of physical barrier to licking or chewing at the incision site.  There are multiple options, just pick one!  Most people are familiar with the plastic cone, but there are variations like an inflatable or soft collar.  You can use your own cone, or order one from us when you book your surgery.  Another option is a one-piece bodysuit.  These suits come in multiple sizes for both cats and dogs.  They are easy to put on and protect the incision.  You can order one from us when you book your surgery.  

12. Can I book online?

13. I don't know the gender of my animal.  Can you help?
  • You would be surprised how common this question is!  In young animals it can be hard to tell, so don't worry!  We can arrange a video call with you, hold your animal up to the camera and we can tell you what gender they are :)

14.  Why are spay surgeries more expensive than neuter surgeries?
  • Neuter surgeries (male cats and dogs) require less time than spay surgeries (female cats and dogs).  Neuters do not require an incision into the abdomen, they are more superficial, take less time and generally have fewer complications.  The price of surgery is determined by the length of time the surgeon requires and the amount of anesthetic the animal requires.


15.  Do you do vaccines and tick/flea treatments?
  • No, please see your regular veterinarian for all vaccines and other treatments.  Please be aware a valid rabies certificate is required 2 weeks before surgery.

16.  Why is there a non-refundable deposit?
  • When we opened our first clinic, we did not have a non-refundable deposit policy in place.  After about 6 months, we noticed that we were getting about 10 no-shows a day.  A no-show significantly affects our ability to pay our expenses, as we keep our costs as low as possible.  Prices are set and staff are scheduled for a certain number of surgeries per day.  After we put the non-refundable deposit in place guess what happened?  No more no-shows.  Your deposit is refundable or transferable with 48 hours notice.

17.  Our Website
  • If you can't find something on our website, or something is not clear to you, please let us know!!  We all work in the animal world, we are NOT techies!  We did not have loads of money to spend on fancy websites and expensive web designers, so we did it ourselves.  We're very sorry if you think our website is "sketchy" or "user-unfriendly".  That doesn't really help us very much.  Please email and tell us how you think we could improve this website, and we will see if our very specific and very inexpensive template allows us to do it.  This is only one way that we keep our costs down in order to deliver high quality care at low prices.  We look forward to hearing your constructive ideas as we know you want to be part of the solution.   Email our social media and website lead at: