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Pre-operative Care

To ensure a smooth surgery day please keep the following in mind. 

Two Bowls of Pet Food

Check-in for surgeries:


Dogs booked as over 50 pounds: 7:00-7:30 am

Dogs booked as under 50 pounds: 7:30-8 am

Female Cats: 8:00-8:30 am

Male Cats: 8:30-9am


For your pet's safety, pickup and drop off will be at the front of the clinic.  Please follow the marked area.  Our staff will meet you at your car. They will be wearing bright orange jackets. Though we appreciate your help, please stay in your car. 

Please remove all food from your pet when you go to bed the night before surgery. Your pet may have a little water in the morning. Please do not let your pet drink excessively. If your pet does eat in the morning, this can cause complications in surgery. PLEASE, inform us.

Your dog must be on a leash that is properly fitted. Every cat must be in a kennel.


Bonded pairs can come in together but must leave in their own carrier.


Surgery is a traumatic experience, every pet responds differently. For the safety of your cat,  individual carriers are required at discharge. 



If we see fleas on your pet during their morning exam, we will apply a flea treatment at a cost to you. Due to the busy morning schedule, we may not have time to inform you of this flea treatment, for this we apologize. 


Pre-Operative Exercise Program for Dogs

Just like us, dogs need to regain muscle strength after surgery

Download our FREE Post-Op Exercise Program
These exercises are most important for female dogs, but are also recommended for male dogs.  If you can get a cat to do them, send us your photos!


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